Next performance is Saturday, October 3rd, 2015 (CHANGED TO

October 3rd (CHANGED TO FIRST SATURDAY) Performers:
6:00 – Open Mic (Sign-up Night of Event Only)
6:30 – Gale B.Gardiner
7:00 – Eric Paradine
7:30 – Bill Benson
8:00 – Abby Lappen
8:30 – Blue Yonder
9:00 – CRB
9:30 – Open Mic (Sing-up Night of Event Only)

Free Will Offering to Benefit Missions

Steam Vent Café will serve light supper, desserts and beverages
for the evening from 6 – 8 PM.

In the Café...
Grinder Night

STEAM VENT Coffee House...where the Music is FREE...Dinner'll
cost ya...and donations go to Missions!  Come on down... kick
your shoes off... sit a spell, you'll be happy you did!!
Benefit Missions ~ Donations are tax deductible!

STEAM VENT Coffee Houses will run every 2nd Saturday from 6-
10:00 pm March through June and September through November
If you would like a chance to perform, please call Debbie at 860-
482-3491 or email

Upcoming Vents…
(All Time Slots Are Subject To Change)

November 14th, 2015
6:00 – Open Mic (Sign-up Night of Event Only)
6:30 – Jim Cable
7:00 – Howie B. Baldwin
7:30 – Joel Blumert
8:00 – Con Doty
8:30 – Jean Stokes Recchia
9:00 – Nancy Johnson
9:30 – Open Mic (Sing-up Night of Event Only)

Thanks to all the performers who have graced our stage to help
us accomplish our mission...and thanks is not enough.  We are
blessed to have so many talented performers in our little state...
and beyond...who are willing to share their talents!
Many of our performers have websites and CD's of their own.  
Check them out...Support your local musicians...!!

Free Will Offering to support Mission Activity!
First Church Mission Activities include support local and global
missions. Locally we help support the Open Door soup kitchen
and the YMCA homeless shelter, and provide scholarships for
area youth. Globally we have been helping out in Oaxaca, Mexico
at an orphanage for special needs children and building houses
and planting trees to help to improve the lives of folks who live in
the dump there.  

This Year’s Mexico Mission Trip:

On July 9th, a delegation from First Church will once again depart
for Oaxaca, Mexico.  Our Church has been sending groups to
Mexico for over 7 years, and we’ve done just about everything
imaginable.  Among other things, we’ve built houses, replaced
roofs on buildings, repaired and maintained vehicles, replaced
electrical systems, painted, cleaned, and most importantly, spent
time with the children living at the Casa Hogar children’s home. (a
home for special needs orphans)

Unlike some groups that prefer to do the same thing each year,
we seem to enjoy doing different things.  This year’s “to-do list”
will include our first ever visit to the Casa Hogar satellite facility in
the town of Cuicatlan.  It is located northeast of the city of Oaxaca
(toward Mexico City), and it is a nearly four hour ride away from
the Oaxaca facility.  The town is at a lower altitude than Oaxaca,
so it is hotter and more humid there.

The Casa Hogar in Cuicatlan was originally a one family house.  
The director of that facility donated his home so that it could be
used as a facility for children in the surrounding villages whose
families did not have the financial resources to feed and educate
them.  About 25 children live in that facility, along with 4 adults
who care for them.  Originally the house had only one bathroom
for the boys, one bathroom for the girls and a small kitchen that
would be typical in a Mexican home.  In the past year, mission
teams have built two more bathrooms for the children and also
added a new kitchen.

The First Church team will begin their week in Oaxaca where we
will work with our favorite construction materials: cinderblock and
concrete.  We will be helping to complete the final touches on the
retaining wall which replaced the one that was collapsing after
some neighbors who do not want the children’s home there
placed truckloads of fill against the outer side of the wall with the
intention of collapsing it.  Their plan worked, but they probably
didn’t anticipate that our Church would fund a new wall to keep
the children safe…

The team will then head to Cuicatlan to paint the bedrooms of the
children.  We’ll also host a movie night for the children (bringing
our own DVDs and projector), and repair their pick-up truck.  The
pick-up truck is over 15 years old, and hasn’t run for over 3
months.  The last time it had significant work was a few years ago
it was brought to Oaxaca City and First Church teens enabled the
engine to produce enough power to climb hills again.  It is their
only vehicle, so it is critical that we get it running again.
Steam Vent Coffee House