Next performance is Saturday, November 14th, 2015

November 14th Performers:
6:00 – Open Mic (Sign-up Night of Event Only)
6:30 – Jim Cable
7:00 – Howie B. Baldwin
7:30 – Joel Blumert
8:00 – Con Doty
8:30 – Jean Stokes Recchia
9:00 – Tom Sheeley
9:30 – Open Mic (Sing-up Night of Event Only)

Free Will Offering to Benefit Missions

Steam Vent Café will serve light supper, desserts and beverages
for the evening from 6 – 8 PM.

In the Café...
Hearty Soup & Salad Night

Donations also welcome. Benefit Children's Missions.  The Fishbowl
donations will go to help Syrian Refugees.  Photo's by David Eric
Paradine will be featured artwork to help raise awareness of their plight.

A note from David:
I've been working with a few different refugee relief organizations as
their photographer documenting the work that's being done here. The
commitment and humanity of everyone here is humbling and inspiring.

After arriving in Greece via crossing the Mediterranean a system of
camps leads to processing and registration. All camps are overcrowded
and under supplied. Sometimes lines leading in can take days where
the refugees are forced to wait in line with little food, water, or warmth.

Moria camp is the registration area for those arriving in Greece. In
order to get the papers that allow travel further into Europe people wait
for days, sometimes over a week with little or no food, sleep, or shelter.
Riots are frequent and violence in the lines occurs daily. Recently
Greece has been receiving rain and there is little shelter. Fires are
made of anything flammable usually plastic. After the first night I
worked in Moria I had a cough from the fumes that I've yet to get rid of.
Parents hold their children close to these toxic fires because it's the
only source of warmth. Children are left in the rain, crying and cold at
Moria Camp. Hypothermia, pneumonia, and death are very real
concerns. Teargas was used on the crowds.
Looking Back and Looking Ahead.   It’s so natural for adults to look
back and youth to look ahead!  

Many thanks again for all you have done to help our event become

STEAM VENT Coffee House...where the Music is FREE...Dinner'll
cost ya...and donations go to Missions!  Come on down... kick
your shoes off... sit a spell, you'll be happy you did!!
Benefit Missions ~ Donations are tax deductible!

STEAM VENT Coffee Houses will run every 2nd Saturday from 6-
10:00 pm March through June and September through November
If you would like a chance to perform, please call Debbie at 860-
482-3491 or email

Upcoming Vents…
(All Dates Are Subject To Change)

March 12th 2016
April 9th 2016
May 14th 2016
June 11th 2016

6:00 – Open Mic (Sign-up Night of Event Only)
6:30 – TBA
7:00 – TBA
7:30 – TBA
8:00 – TBA
8:30 – TBA
9:00 – TBA
9:30 –
Open Mic (Sing-up Night of Event Only)

Thanks to all the performers who have graced our stage to help
us accomplish our mission...and thanks is not enough.  We are
blessed to have so many talented performers in our little state...
and beyond...who are willing to share their talents!
Many of our performers have websites and CD's of their own.  
Check them out...Support your local musicians...!!

Free Will Offering to support Mission Activity!
First Church Mission Activities include support local and global
missions. Locally we help support the Open Door soup kitchen
and the YMCA homeless shelter, and provide scholarships for
area youth. Globally we have been helping out in Oaxaca, Mexico
at an orphanage for special needs children and building houses
and planting trees to help to improve the lives of folks who live in
the dump there.
Steam Vent Coffee House