There will be no Boar's Head Festival in


Final Curtain Falls On The Boar's Head Festival!

It is with a heavy heart that I make this announcement. It
has been a very difficult decision! To everything there is a
season...and the time has come. As we all get older, it is
more and more difficult to pull this off. I want to thank all
the folks who have helped make this happen over the 27
years...creating memories for ourselves and for numerous
audience members. It was a great run...! I thank each and
every one of you. None of it would have been possible
without you! Love you all!!! We have been like a huge
family with a reunion every year at Epiphany!
But my mother's voice prodding me onward to continue has
faded...and been replaced by the melancholy realization that
the time had come to put it to bed! I did retire 7 years ago,
after all! I still have the plaque! Ha!
So Happy Thanksgiving...and Merry Christmas to
all...Sprite and Monk skipping into the sunset! Glory to God
in the Highest....and Peace on Earth!
Deb Storrs