Special Guests 2015!

Medieval Instrumentals with
Joe Brazee and Ken Storrs

And...of course our Carolers!

25th Annual Boar's Head Festival
Jan 10th and 11th 2015

An Ancient Processional
Musical Celebration of Epiphany


Medieval Pomp & Royalty
Herald Trumpeters
Family Gentry
Woodsmen & Peasants
Good King Wenceslas & his Page
Shepherds & Their Sheep
The Holy Family & Donkey
The Three Wise Men
Laurel  City  Singers
directed by


The Boar’s Head Brass Ensemble
The Boar’s Head Carolers

Live Animals
provided by

Spirit the Dove
The Roys Family

Commerford Farm, Goshen, CT
Robert Commerford
Donkey & Goats

The King Family
Prize winning laying hens!

Sword Dancer
Irish Step Dancers

Excitement mounts as the townspeople prepare the hall
for the arrival of the Beef-eaters with the Boar’s Head.  
Greeting their guests are the nobleman and his lady.

The Festival officially begins as a tiny sprite brings into
the darkened Hall a lighted candle symbolizing the coming
of the Light into the world. Representing the Church, the
Friar receives the Light. From this tiny flickering flame, the
Christ Candle is lit, illuminating the altar, spreading light
throughout the hall.

A piper calls the assembly to order and the Herald
announces the entrance of the royals with a brass fanfare.
The procession officially begins with The Boar’s Head
Carol, ushering in Beef-eaters, carolers, sword dancer,
and the Boar;s Head served up on a platter. King
Wenceslas with his page, the woodsmen with the Yule
Log and its rider. Next come the monks singing with
anticipation, O Come Emmanuel, prophecy fulfilled, the
choice of a maiden and our Lords blessed birth.  The
shepherds and animals come in search of the Christ child,
followed by the three kings bearing their gifts of gold,
frankincense, and myrrh.

When all have assembled, they kneel in adoration of the
King of Kings, Lord of Lords as the hall is darkened and
the Epiphany star shines over the altar. After the
assemblage has recessed, the sprite returns, and with the
Friar, takes the light of the Christ candle forth into the
world, leaving the spark of hope with all assembled.  All
are invited to take the light and hope with them as they
leave this place;
the Light to illuminate their paths for the coming year, and
the Hope for Peace on Earth ~ Goodwill Toward Men!